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The PC program “SHAPE-ISO-XML-Converter” serves to convert prescription maps from shp format into ISO-XML format. In this format, the prescription maps can be used on Müller-Elektronik terminals.

In ISO-XML format, the prescription maps are saved as ISO-XML tasks. A task can simultaneously contain several prescription maps.

Properties of the ISO-XML format:

• Several prescription maps can be used simultaneously in one task. This way, for implements that have more than one metering system, you can use a prescription map for each system.

The MachineryGuide devices and software

The MachineryGuide devices and software was designed in a way to be able to function both as a separate individual unit and as a joined system as well. The devices use wireless communication (Bluetooth or WiFi), which makes their installation swift and user-friendly.

Application is an agricultural guidance software for Android devices, which helps the user keep track of the cultivated area and overlaps. Furhtermore, it helps the user achieve the most consistent field work by providing reference lines.

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AGRIVI - Farm Management Software Users In Food and Agriculture Industry

Agrivi farm management software lets you plan, monitor and analyze all activities on your farm easily. Tillage, planting, spraying, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed with a few clicks.

Powerful farm analytics let you make the right decisions at the right time. Say no to gut-feeling decisions and welcome data-driven farm management.

Whether you are a small or large farmer, an agricultural cooperative or a large enterprise company looking for a tailor-made solution, we have one for you.

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Auto NPK Calculator

You simply enter your fertilizers and indicate the desired recipe for the solution. The calculator aically determines what fertilizer and how much to take to get the desired composition.

In the event that it is impossible to obtain the desired composition from your fertilizers, the calculator will select the composition as close as possible to the target.

Mapping paddocks using Google My Maps

The DATS uses Google MY Maps to provide a professional advisory service to farmers enabling them to divide up their grazing areas accurately. The service is provided by many advisors to their clients and is supported by the buildings and machinery specialist. Links are provided to supporting documents and there are 3 Youtube training videos. Please note while google MYmaps is free to individual users, however you should check if the application of the Mymaps tool is a service which requires an enterprise licence to use.

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Stories from the regions: new technologies in agriculture in Hungary

This episode of our series will bring you to the Northern Great Plain of Hungary. The three-way consortium of the agricultural service provider KITE, the University of Debrecen and Balogh-Farm explores the opportunities offered by the new precision technology in agriculture. Detailed data is collected from the farm, is analysed by the university and then transformed into useful knowledge and farming advice by KITE. Thanks to the highly detailed GPS positioning and data analysis, input materials can be delivered in a differentiated way, resulting in higher crop yields.

What is Precision Agriculture? What is the meaning of Precision Farming?

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