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The PC program “SHAPE-ISO-XML-Converter” serves to convert prescription maps from shp format into ISO-XML format. In this format, the prescription maps can be used on Müller-Elektronik terminals.

In ISO-XML format, the prescription maps are saved as ISO-XML tasks. A task can simultaneously contain several prescription maps.

Properties of the ISO-XML format:

• Several prescription maps can be used simultaneously in one task. This way, for implements that have more than one metering system, you can use a prescription map for each system.

• The format is supported by all ISOBUS job computers, regardless of their manufacturer.

Your system must meet the following requirements:

• For the installation: PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

• The “ISOBUS-TC” app must be activated in the terminal. This app is used to configure and start the tasks.

• You no longer require the “VRC” app to edit shp prescription maps.

The complete operating instructions for the SHAPE-ISO-XML Converter can be found here:


Operating Instructions SHAPE-ISO-XML Converter

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Instrucciones de uso SHAPE-ISO-XML Converter

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Instrukcja obsługi Konwerter SHAPE - ISO-XML

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